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Welcome Accomplished & Emerging Poet ~ John Gregory Evans

Hello readers. I love sharing my poetic compositions. I love poetry, all forms, but truly have only attempted a few. I just completed a small publication of poetry (48 pages), entitled, Vehemence: In Silence, We Weep available on Amazon. This book is a rare look upon the face of trauma through Military Sexual Trauma, and traumatic episodes as a child. I have survived, and through writing have gained an imperative for the written word. Please join me as I begin writing my second manuscript. Thank you in advance.

About John Evans ~ Poet/​Essayist

The inception of Evansí writing career originally began as a self-taught novice poet in 1998 as he began writing poetic reflections with a regard to childhood and adolescent traumas. The pain from the traumatic episodes throughout his journey is what fueled Evans to write. He has just published his first legitimate book titled, Vehemence: In Silence, We Weep, ISBN-13: 978-1542982078 or ISBN-10: 1542982073 .

Realizing poetry to be Evansí raison dí etre (reason to live), John began his education at The University of the Incarnate Word, and Southern New Hampshire University, studying Religious Studies, as well as Creative Writing, respectively, and was first published with The Manatee, SNHUís Annual Literary Journal, Spring 2016. Evans advanced his poetic career by studying his first legitimate manuscript under the guidance of Annie Finch, PhD., ~ Poet, one of the leading & most distinguished contemporary American poets of our time, and, subsequently, leading to his rare publication of his first poetical composition.

John Evans writes from his soul. He digs deep and retracts absolute emotion from raw and hungry places needing holistic healing and love. Evans spent over forty years of his life in isolation due to trauma in childhood, adolescence, and as a young seventeen-year old. Healing began as soon as he drew his pen and began to write. The healing power of the written word coalesced with his skill as a writer who moves in swiftly describing truth in a world perpetuated by darkness. The light inevitably took over, and though the scars are still embedded deeply, the contrast between good and evil have surfaced. John Evans is not afraid to reveal the wounds of his life, and reveal his truth to a global community of survivors.

John Evans lives in Idaho with his lovely wife Judith, and their energetic Shih Tzu puppy Paavo Evans. John also enjoys photography, and encouraging fellow poets and writers.